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The Sweet Rise of Onetai from Local Gem to Global Markets

Two years on from our first encounter with Onetai, their evolution from an emerging business to a household name in New Zealand and beyond has been nothing short of remarkable. Based in the heart of Taupō, their story is one of significant growth, marked by an expanding product range and an increasing presence both domestically and internationally.

Central to their success is a distinctive product—mānuka honey produced at Onetai Station in Awakino and high-quality milk from the Central North Island, combined to create a delectable spread. This combination has quickly become a favourite across New Zealand, serving as the foundation for Onetai's expanding product range.

Today, Onetai's unique offerings find their place in 40 supermarkets across the nation, including popular chains like Pak n Save, Super Value, Fresh Choice, and New World. The team is currently working on a significant goal - getting their products into all Woolworths supermarkets, marking a pivotal step in their domestic expansion and a testament to the sustained interest and demand for their milk and honey blends. “We now have sustained sales every week compared to a few years ago when it was sporadic,” says Plant Manager Javier Lorca. 

Beyond New Zealand's shores, Onetai has ventured into international markets, establishing a presence in Dubai, Singapore, and Australia. They plan to enter the USA and UK markets in May, tailoring their products to meet local preferences, such as squeezy bottles for overseas consumers. This global ambition is supported by a growing production capacity of 1,000 kg per day and a diversified product line, including the new best-selling item, dulce de leche, and the soon-to-be-launched protein spreads. These products can be found at 

Onetai cherishes its deep ties to Taupō, proudly displaying the "Made in Taupō" brand on its packaging, a mark that has recently captured international attention. "Producing our product in Taupō is great for us, especially because we are close to our ingredient sources, which is a big part of our story," says Javier. He notes they only use local resources, including banking, legal, and accounting services.

Amplify is proud to have supported Onetai through its business journey, from offering information and advice while the business was establishing, to the team attending Amplify events to build their networks and profile. Through these events, they have also benefited from the knowledge and experience of the Taupō business community. 

As Onetai looks to expand its market share and introduce new products, its progress shows the importance of clear goals, quality products, and local roots. “What we've achieved so far is just the beginning,” says Javier.

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