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The Value of Local Business Events

Last week, Te Waka CEO Fiona Carrick had the privilege of being a judge for the Matamata-Piako District Council Business Night Out awards, an event that showcased the outstanding achievements of local businesses.

This experience prompted the Te Waka team to reflect on the value that local business events bring to the Waikato. By fostering collaboration, innovation and growth, these events create a ripple effect of positive outcomes that contribute to business development and economic prosperity in the region.

Creating connections

Local business events provide an environment where new connections can be made, enabling businesses to build relationships with other businesses, potential clients and other partners which can become the building blocks of long-lasting collaborations.

Beyond this, they can also bridge a gap between businesses and their immediate communities, providing a reason for businesses to communicate with their constituents, and one for these broader stakeholder groups to become aware and engage.

Highlighting success stories

A standout moment from last week’s Business Night Out awards was the recognition of Wheelie Bin Services as the Bayleys Supreme and Fonterra People’s Choice Winner.

This was an example of how local business events celebrate and acknowledge businesses that make significant contributions to their communities.

Wheelie Bin Services, with their dedication to providing essential waste management services, exemplify the positive impact that local businesses can have in the Waikato region – and their winning of the People’s Choice award speaks to the local community’s love for what they do.

Celebrating entrepreneurship and local talent

Local business events are also celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that resides within our communities.

As well as highlighting the winners themselves, they usually feature inspiring keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions and success stories that are sure to encourage others.

Celebrating local talent by highlighting the innovators and hard workers contributing to the local economy serves as a powerful catalyst for further economic growth.

A thriving ecosystem

Local business events play an important role in our region. They serve as catalysts for economic development, facilitate business connections and are platforms for celebrating entrepreneurship and local talent.

These events shine a spotlight on businesses like Wheelie Bin Services that make important contributions to their communities. They foster a thriving local business ecosystem that drives economic growth and a stronger sense of community throughout the motu.

As the region’s economic development agency dedicated to driving economic growth in the Waikato, we have an objective in common with the local business chambers and district councils who run events like the Business Night Out.

Support at both levels – district-specific and region-wide – is key and fosters the business environment and economic growth that benefits us all.

Have a story to share?

The Waikato is full of people and businesses doing great things. Their stories help build our understanding of the strength of the Waikato and the benefits of living, studying, visiting or doing business here.